New vessel design Design calculations Class Approval
- Harbour Tug - Ship stability - Preparation, submission and update of
- Offshore Support Vessel - Structural (e.g. global strength, local   drawings and documents for Class Approval
    strength, foundations) - On-site survey support
Upgrade or modifications of existing - Structural fire protection plan / Safety - ...
vessels   plan / Fire control plan    
- Installation of new equipment - Deck equipment sizing    
  (e.g. crane, winch) - HVAC    
- Modification of accomodation - Marine systems (e.g. ballast, fuel, fresh    
- Padeye design (e.g. gob wire, clevis)   water, grey water)    
- ... - Electrical load    
  - Fire Detection and Alarm Deck    
    equipment sizing    
  - ...    
Design for of purpose-built systems Switchboards & consoles Generators
- Hydraulic 'A' frame system Gangways DC & AC motors
- Offshore Support Vessel Maintenance platforms Switchboard
- ... ... HVAC
CAD Engineering drawings     Refrigeration system
Structural FEM analysis        
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